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First in India

Zero Sugar , Low Calorie

Barneys Hard Seltzers is India’s first refreshing alternative to beer, wine and cocktails. The drink is a zero sugar/ low calorie alcoholic beverage crafted precisely with premium elements to give you a 7 star experience.

Just Perfect Blend

We are that perfect blend which is not too fizzy and not too sweet. In fact, it’s just perfect. 

At its 6% ABV, it’s the day drinkers best friend.

Let's  Celebrate

this one life you’ve got.

Do it your way, whatever that means. And don’t forget to

get your bro and bro’s bro along. 

Stay United

Our drinks were born out of love. 

No matter where you are

Barneys will be there for you, always. Not on the moon though ! 

Apple & Rose

The all time favorite blend,

a delicate yet aromatic apple seltzer reminiscent of a rose. 

Food Pairing

A juicy burger or a pizza, all while enjoying with friends.

Out of the Earth Flavors,

Literally !  

Strawberry & Blueberry

A fizzy drink with deep, rich aromas of mixed-Berry. A perfect combination for any occasion. 

Food Pairing

French Fries it is. With lots and lots of mayo. 

Lemongrass, Grapefruit

 & Apple

With a seamless balance of lemongrass and a satisfying zest of grapefruit, this seltzer is a perfectly refreshing finish. 

Food Pairing

Truffle Dimsums, Thai Green Curry with sticky rice

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