Minds behind Barneys

they say, Barneys has very unique blend and rare taste, Something like no one tasted yet like, out of the universe. And here we are, who brought you that intimate taste.  

Gaurav Sharma  

Founder & COO

Gaurav Sharma, has 7+ years of entrepreneurial experience in setting up companies and aims to convert Barneys into a sustainable business. He value adds with his relationship with the distributors and most of the high-end clubs in Delhi. Gaurav leads supply chain and distribution network.

Ruchi Gupta

Founder & CEO

A connoisseur of food and drinks, she discovered passion for mixed beverage flavor while experimenting with healthy and exotic mixers. The mixers quickly became popular in her group of friends and then among wider audience. And born with its popularity, was the idea of Barney's. She now plans to take Barneys to the market for all to relish India's first hard seltzer.


Barneys was started with a strong belief of it capturing the market as a youth and lifestyle brand. Ruchi leads strategy, business planning & product development at Barneys

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Barneys Hard Seltzers is India’s first refreshing alternative to beer, wine and cocktails. The drink is a zero sugar/ low calorie alcoholic beverage crafted precisely with premium elements to give you a 7 star experience.


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